Film Production

Impress with a fantastic film

Show yourself from your most impressive side with a film made by astrals. Present your products and services – simply, intelligibly and convincingly.

Film production for corporate films, products films and promotional clips

You are a great company, have great products and provide excellent services - show who you are and what you can do in an impressive manner through image films, product films and promotional clips. Or explain complex facts through explanatory videos.

Image Film

With an image film, we can put you perfectly in the limelight. Present your business in an innovative and impressive way. Use your image film on your website, at trade fairs or as an advertising film in cinemas. Be remembered in a positive way.

Product Films

Promote your products in films and animations and convince your prospective customers. This is how complex situations can be explained extremely easily. Put product films on your product websites or on YouTube.

Trade Show Trailer

Our trade show trailers show your achievements and captivate your visitors in a nutshell. Motion graphics ensure that your message will arrive. Not only at the stand but also later on your website.

That makes our film production so special

Outstanding technique is not everything; a film has to "work" and help you achieve your goals. Where others only show, we tell your story - in emotional, moving images. We make sure you leave an impression.



Cinematic Film Look

We have a global pool of creative directors, experienced cameramen and tried and tested concepts at our disposal. We work with professional technology and produce impressive films using up to 4K Ultra HD.



Animations & Motion Graphics

Easily convey complex issues with 3D animations and evaluate your films with motion graphics. That looks good and is an eye-catcher. In this way, your messages will go down well.


Film Music & Sound Design

We compose film music and produce first-class sound design. This makes an audible difference and makes you unmistakable. For we want you to be perceived as a valuable and unique brand.


Advertising clips and image films for all media

No matter for what medium you need your film - we operate all channels. Do you need a website video or a viral YouTube clip? A trade fair trailer or a commercial for cinema or TV? We do this - locally, nationwide or even internationally.

Movies for online purposes

Website, YouTube & Co

Use your film for your website to keep your visitors informed about your company or your products short and to the point. We know what the internet is all about and we will integrate the film on your website upon request.

Movies for offline purposes

Trade fair, cinema, TV

Thrill and captivate with commercials at trade fairs, at the cinema or at evening programs. We will take care of your branding and your good image, popcorn and film cans inclusive.

Fancy films?
Just register with us and our professionals will surprise you with fresh ideas that will put you in the limelight.