Online Marketing

Acquire new customers with online marketing

Draw attention to yourself profitably, optimize your website, sharpen your brand presence with SEO and SEM, target your advertising and measure your success.

Your Roadmap for Successful Online Marketing

There are many measures that can be taken to make your website work successfully for you. But not everything that is feasible always makes sense. We’ll make sure that your investments do not fizzle out and that you achieve a high ROI.

Of course, good placements in search engines is always good and Adwords campaigns let you become visible fast. Yet, how do you reach those who know nothing at all about your goods and services? How can you quickly convince your visitors about what you have to offer? And how do you succeed in getting your visitors to want to come into contact with you or purchase your products?

We at astrals know the answers and will be happy to give you detailed advice. We’ll develop individual strategies with you that are adapted to your budget. No worries! That may sound hard – and it is – but we know the ropes and avail of sound and proven expertise. We deliver measurable results. See for yourself.

Lead and Conversion Optimization

We bet your existing websites and landing pages can do lots more! Benefit from our extensive knowledge in website tuning and let us see to you getting more leads and higher conversion rates.

Optimization Concepts

Following an in-depth analysis of your online presence, we will create an optimization strategy for your website and develop a test plan.

A/B Testing

The optimized version of your website or landing page will be tested against your existing one to get convincing numbers.

Monitoring Success

Based on defined tracking targets, we can prove the success with numbers and will permanently integrate the optimization.


Search engine optimization and marketing for strong visitor numbers and your success.

A perfect website stands out not only due to relevant content that gives visitors true added value – in an online search query it also gains a top spot in the list of hits. Preferably on the first results page that search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo deliver to web users.

There are two things that make that happen: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO includes measures that ensure a good ranking in the free search results. SEM measures include, for instance, paid ads such as Google Adwords to increase the visibility of your own website.

Banner Advertising & Advertorials

Classic online advertising is still a good channel and we make use of that with classic banners that are either static or dynamically integrated as HTML5 code. In addition we’ll promote awareness of your profile with advertorials on relevant trade sites.

Banner Advertising

We create beautiful banners in classic GIF or fancy HTML5 versions. We’ll place them in your affiliate network. You don’t have one yet? We’ll take care of it.


An advertorial is an editorial post that appears in the trade press catering to your branch. That is how you can reach your target groups to inform them about your goods and services in an attractive way with added value.

Craving some successful online marketing?
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