Film Music & Sound Design

Rock your customers – with impressive film music

With sound design and individually composed music by astrals, you will win both the ears and hearts of your customers – unique, personal and impressive.

Music Composition and Sound Design

What makes the Western of Sergio Leone so impressive? Why is James Bond really exciting? And why is this tension often missing in old films? Because a movie only comes to life and generates strong emotions through really good film music and great sound design!

Composition of Film Music

Our composer is experienced and adds sound to international commercials and cinema films. We work with a master audio to create the right mood as early as the editing stage. We continuously refine this musical arrangement. Only in this way can a coherent combination of image and sound be created.

By the way, we do not only add sound to our own videos. If you already have a film that you would like to "refresh" sound-wise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Voice-Over Artists & Synchronisation

You already recognise many celebrities by their voices. Especially with voice-overs, known dubbing voices are fondly used. We can also do this for you. Offer your services with the voices of famous film stars, for example. Our accent-free professional voice-over artists will be available for you.

Stunning Sound Design

For a perfect sound design, we combine film music with audio languages, add appropriate sound effects as required, and mix and master it into a harmonious whole that triggers the right emotions for the listener.

Soundreel 2019

Our Soundreel from Astrals Music Production, Studio Brazil. In Focus: Film Music for Kino Movies!


Fancy Film Music?
We will make your film special and create the right mood and an impressive blend of pictures and sound.